. 121_South Thames Marshes

Erith, Crayford and Dartford Marshes: As part of a comprehensive masterplan for future investment in these marshland landscapes the practice prepared a heritage review and made design studies for a number of localised elements. The heritage review combined documentary sources of historical material with a study of historic maps and photography.

A set of new maps located key historic locations and significant physical features relevant to the area's past history, including tramways, isolation hospitals, munitions sites and major changes to river channels. Design studies included a review of anti-motorcycle barriers to footpaths, new cycle and footpath links, and proposals for the former fireworks factory on Dartford Marshes including new landscape access and preservation of the old buildings on the site.

. project type_ masterplan support
. client_ London Borough of Bexley
. date_ 2005
. value_ n.a.
. status_ complete

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image | modern extent of crayford and dartford marshes overlayed on historic map_1801

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dartford marsh historic map and overlay by peter beard landroom