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. 138_Rainham Trackway

The Rainham Trackway provides significant improvements to a strategically important pedestrian and cycle route, linking Rainham village to the Thames. It forms a new threshold landmark appropriate to the scale and significance of the landscapes of Rainham marsh. The Trackway provides a new straight-line walk down to marsh level from the existing bridge across the Eurostar line. The first one hundred and twenty metres of the route is elevated from the ground on a series of raking columns; the remaining one hundred metres is founded on an earth embankment.

Columns are engineered from timber; larch, sourced from eastern Germany. The columns support a composite deck made from steel and pre-cast concrete with an in-situ concrete structural topping. Structural engineering design is by Jane Wernick Associates. The main contractor is Volker Fitzpatrick, with steelwork by SH Structures and timber engineering by Peter Bertsche.

. project type_ access infrastructure
. client_ London Borough of Havering
. date_ 2007 - 12
. value_ 1.8 million
. status_complete

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image | trackway plan

rainham marsh trackway plan by peter beard landroom