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. 139_Rainham Marsh Public Access +

The designs for public access elements across Rainham marsh were developed through detailed studies of individual paths and landscape features. These studies drew on analysis of the historic landscape structures and current landscape character of the site. A strong, place-specific, thematic design approach was been established to include elements ranging from wayfinding signage, seating, installation elements and informal play areas. The project also looked at a range of strategic options for a new public access path to link Rainham village directly to the Thames waterfront.

Design judgements were guided throughout by a review of hydrological and ecological conditions and close consultation with the RSPB, Natural England, and the Environment Agency. This informed the final choice of path route, an integrated solution which takes advantage of opportunities for habitat creation and water management across this part of Rainham marsh.

. project type_ nature conservation and public access
. client_ London Borough of Havering
. date_ 2007 - 11
. value_ 1.2 million
. status_ ongoing

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image | culvert crossing point and restored watercourses

rainham marsh access culvert crossing by peter beard landroom