. 128_Rainham Gateway

This project advanced physical design proposals for the first phase of the new Local Nature Reserve on an area of Rainham Marshes which for many decades had no formal access. The land belongs to the London Borough of Havering and is significantly located immediately south of Rainham Village, itself the subject of ambitious development proposals for new housing and other related community facilities.

At a strategic level proposals for this north-western corner of the marshes need to reflect the plan for Wildspace, the development of a major new Conservation Park across Rainham, Wennington and Aveley Marshes. Equally it was important that the first stage of development of this unique natural resource should make a substantial and immediate contribution to the village, it’s residents and business community, through improvement of both wildlife habitats and the quality of the wider public realm. The proposals include restoration of watercourses and grazing land, together with elements of public access infrastructure such as new paths, bridges, a small shelter, and a multi-use events area.

. project type_ local nature reserve
. client_ London Borough of Havering
. date_ 2006 - 07
. value_ £1.8 million
. status_ outline design

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rainham gateway visualization by peter beard landroom