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. 128_Steel Bridges Rainham Marsh

This project consists of a suite of six new foot and cycle bridges located on the western-most section of Rainham Marsh. They form part of the new Rainham to Purfleet path. The structural elements are fabricated in a weathering grade steel, chosen for its durability and its self-colouring effect. The dark russet finish was chosen as an appropriate response to the natural landscape setting.

The handrails are also fabricated from weathering steel. Their simple comb-like form has a natural bracing action and offers visual interest; mimicking the form of reed-stems, and creating shifting optical interference patterns. The photographs here document the process of fabrication and installation. The bridges have been in use since the summer of 2009.

. project type_ access infrastructure
. client_ London Borough of Havering
. date_ 2008 - 09
. value_ £350,000
. status_ completed

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rainham corten steel bridges delivery to site by peter beard landroom