. 101_Palla Factory Conversion

The Palla textile factory is located in Saxony in the former East Germany, close to the border with Poland. The project proposes the re-use of the existing buildings for youth orientated sports, leisure and cultural purposes, including performance and rehearsal spaces and new public baths.

Selective demolition of parts of the existing factory buildings opens up a series of new squares and gardens which relate to both the surrounding houses and to the new building uses. The roof of the former weaving sheds is used as an active, renewable energy source, through the use of solar collectors. New floors are laid, providing surfaces for sports and performance.

. project type_ building re-use
. client_ Stadt Glauchau
. date_ 2002
. value_ n.a.
. status_ Shortlisted proposal

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palla factory conversion garden montage by peter beard landroom