. 120_Kielder Observatory

The observatory is designed as an open field, within which are a series of constructed elements ranging from plinths to small buildings which form the setting for the new suite of telescopes. The most minimal elements consist of bases and tables for stable mounting of smaller scopes. The single largest construction is the transit wall which acts as a landmark and point of orientation for the new complex.

A fully enclosed 'warm room' is provided from which individuals and groups can remotely monitor images and information picked up by equipment set up in the open air. The two main telescope housings and the warm room are constructed from weathering steel plate. Other materials used include ferro-cement and glass reinforced castings. In daylight hours the observatory field can be used by visitors as an informal rest and play space.

. project type_ teaching facility
. client_ kielder trust
. date_ 2005
. value_ £150,000
. status_ open competition

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kielder observatory overview at night peter beard landroom