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. 125_East London Green Grid

The East London Green Grid is a regional green-space planning strategy which seeks to protect and enhance green open space across the whole of east London. It is, in part, a response to the pressures placed on the area through targets for housing and other forms of new building and infrastructure development. This coordinated view of green space policy promotes the safeguarding and creation of green space as a lead element in the future development of this part of the city. Themes covered within the strategy include flood risk, biodiversity, access to open space and access to nature.

Development of the strategy included working closely with the Boroughs, assisting in the compilation of area-wide listings of all significant green-space initiatives and projects and creating a systematic record, through mapping and photographic documentation, of all significant sites. Other contributors included 5th Studio, J and L Gibbons, and East. The project was coordinated by the Greater London Authority's 'Architecture and Urbanism Unit'. The frameworks for areas 4 and 5 were led by Peter Beard_LANDROOM.

. project type_ strategic planning
. client_ Greater London Authority
. date_ 2006-2009
. value_ na
. status_ completed

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east london green grid all projects plan peter beard landroom